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Choosing an eye doctor is not just important but incredibly serious step. We often begin to consider the question of choosing the right doctor when the problems appear. All doctors play a huge role in our life. There are different eye doctors. They provide eye care to their clients.

Ophtalmologists and optometrists

The first provider is an ophthalmologist. Ophthalmologist are proffesionals in eye care and visual system. These specialists prevent eye diseases that can appear because of different reasons. They provide vision therapy and prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses. medications in order to correct vision problems. Ophthalmologists can be both doctors of medicine or doctors of osteopathy. They consider a good specialist after completing four years of medical school, one year of internship and at least three years of residency. Ophthalmologists have a responsibility to provide total eye care,including a surgical care.

Optometrists are not a medical doctors. They complete three years of college and four years of optometry school. These requirements are very similar to the requirements that have the dentists. Optometrists perform eye exams and vision tests, prescribe and dispense corrective lenses, prescribe medications for certain diseases. Optometrists are taught to examine, diagnose and treat diseases of the eye and visual system. Optometrists the same as ophthalmologists check the internal and external parts of the eyes. Optometrist do not perform such serious functions as ophthalmologists but they accurately see the colors and depth of the eyes. These specialists also prescribe vision exercises. If you aware of your problem such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia you should refer to optometrist. 

Opticians are not a medical doctor

Opticians can not to perform eye exams, diagnose, treat diseases, write prescriptions for glasses, contact lenses and even medications unlike optometrists and ophthalmologists. Opticians assist them providing complete patient care. So, we can conclude that the opticians are not eye doctors. They use prescriptions which supplied by optometrists or ophthalmologists to sell eyeglasses and various eyewear. Any specific standard exists for opticians. There are some states that allow opticians to fit the contact lenses and glasses in USA

Each of us understand that we depend on our vision in every aspect of our life. We are able to work, to play, to have fun, to drive, even define a face and it is crucial for us. All these things we can hardly imagine without good vision. Human beings are exposed to many diseases. A lot of factors influence us every day, even some trifle things that we do not take into account can have a great imact on us. There is place for inhereted diseases as well. If your members of the family have eye diseases, it can make you more apt to have it too. But of course it is not a reason to despair, you should be just more attentive to the health of your eyes. We do not notice diseases at once because they are sometimes difficult to detect. For this reason it is important to visit ophthalmologists regularly. If you have some signs and aware of the risk of appearing diseases be sure to make a visit to an ophthalmologist. Do not forget that eye health is the result of the partnership between you and your eyes. You should care about them even in if you have a good vision. At least once a year you should visit the doctor to check the health of your eyes and may be to prevent some diseases. Do not be lazy what concerns the care of your eyes. Eye doctors can give you excellent advices, but be careful in choosing the doctor. To have a good examination, prescriptions and useful and helpful advices you should consider the very important things like the person’s qualifications, experience, training, services that can be offered. You should be satisfied by all things that give you. Optometrists and ophthalmologists should be certified. This licensures you can see in special areas in the office. It is better to visit the doctor by family members, friends, coworkers advice. In such way it is easier to find eye doctor nearby. It is a big problem today but you have a chance to find the eye doctor “near me” online.